YouTube: How to Become a Star with Content and Make a Profit from Advertising

출간일(Release) : 2015/11/30
전자책 종류(Format) : ePub
Price : KRW 10,500







YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website. It was created in 2005 and was taken over by Google in 2006. Beginning in 2008, YouTube started a Korean language service. People around the world have access to enjoy YouTube with the exception of a few countries including China. There are three main components that constitute the YouTube ecosystem: the users who are the members of the YouTube communities and the consumers of YouTube videos; the creators who produce videos; and the advertisers who make the money flow within the YouTube ecosystem.

YouTube is open to anybody who wants to create and upload videos, and all users are equally eligible to become creators. YouTube is operating the YouTube partnership program to encourage users to become creators of videos.

This is Korea’s first YouTube reference book proofread by the person who is currently in charge of the YouTube partnership program. This book explains everything that you need to know about YouTube if you want to become a creator and manage your own channel; how to sign up to become a YouTuber; how to upload videos; how to manage your channel; how to monetize YouTube videos; and the knowhow to generate more profits. All lessons about basic YouTube features are accompanied by “Follow These Simple Steps,” where you are encouraged to practice what you have learned. The book also includes a “Special Page” section, where some of the popular YouTube channels are introduced by different categories, in addition to ways on how to use YouTube to promote businesses and to protect your copyrights.

YouTube Study Club
YouTube Study Club was established in 2014 with experts as its members to educate people about the opportunities and possibilities YouTube can offer, and to help becoming successful YouTubers. This book is the first publication by the club with the goal of helping people to get a deeper and broader understanding about YouTube. The club is committed to continuously discovering and introducing diverse YouTube features and success stories and contributing to the development of the communities built by YouTube creators in Korea through its website (