The Greedy Pig

출간일(Release) : 2012/10/15
전자책 종류(Format) : ePub
Price : KRW 5,000


This easy and fun story is designed so that students will be trained to read the words step by step. Above all, this lovely story encouraged learners to feel excited and curious while they are reading it.

“The Greedy Pig” is about a lazy and greedy pig Piggy. This character is very cute and lovely. Through his experience, the students are given something to think about. The story starts with a scene in which Piggy naps peacefully under afternoon. Though he is already full after lunch, he can never control his appetite. As a result, he cannot avoid getting into trouble. This gives readers a specific lesson about being greedy.

It will help students develop English reading skills, as well as practice pronunciation and vocabulary.

James Han
English inventor
Currently, he is the head of the KD Gangnam Daechi English Academy and has served as the editor of the seventh revised English textbook. We introduced our own materials to the US, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and announced our excellence in overseas. In 2011, we were selected as a new knowledge source in the Korean education field.

The author has been devoted to the study of new English learning methods for many years and has registered the largest number of innovative learning methods for learning English easier.

He received a letter of appreciation from the Canadian Department of Education for exchanging programs and was awarded the MINDS Special Prize by the Malaysian Invention Design Association. In addition, he was recognized for his achievements both in Korea and abroad, including the Gold Prize at the CIGIF International Invention Genius Contest, the Best New Knowledge Award in the Republic of Korea, the Silver Prize in Invention Education Contents Contest, the Grand Prize of the Korea Patent Daejeon Invention Association, and the Seoul Metropolitan Small and Medium Business Administration.

English learning method invention patent
System and method of making English sentence by weight of word / sentence (Patent No. 10-0846566)
Learning Puzzle (Patent No. 10-1046809)
Instant response English learning method by replacing parts of speech (Patent No. 10-0771017)
English pronunciation learning method using representative word pronunciation (Patent No. 10-0816378)
Learning System Using Position Sequence (Patent Application No. 2009-0071133)

Planning and writing
High Phonics (Edu King)
Writing English Sentences (Edu King)
High Plus Immersion Reading Series (Edu Wang) etc.